COVID-19 & Redeemer PCA (Updated 07/10/2020)

**Update** – We will have an online only service on 07/12/2020.

Dear Redeemer Family,

As most of you know, we will be having our first gathered worship this Sunday since we stopped meeting together on March 22. I can imagine that the transition back to a gathered service may be just as awkward as suspending services were. After having received news from the Governor that churches could resume Sunday services provided hygiene and social distancing guidelines were observed, the Session moved to have May 24 as our return date. In making this decision, the Session wanted to both balance the concern for everyone’s health and safety with the desire to return to meeting together on Sunday. We recognize that there exist a wide variety of opinions on this and we want to honor everyone in this process.

Below, we have drawn up some guidelines and descriptions to give you a better picture of what we plan to do this Sunday. Many of these you will recognize from our last gathered worship. We know that you are the best judge of you and your family’s health, and we want you to exercise your best judgment in deciding when you should return to worship.

For those who are not yet ready to return or who may need to stay home, we will be live streaming our service on our Facebook Page. (Note, we will not be showing a service on our YouTube channel this week.)

Guidelines and Descriptions:

Hand sanitizer will be available on tables in the foyer.
We will not be requiring the use of masks, but we do recommend their use, especially during the sung portions of our service.
The bulletins will be laid out on a table before the sanctuary entrance for each person to take.
Only every other pew will be open for seating to provide distance from one another. Closed pews will be marked off with a paper sign. Family units can sit together, but please keep the recommended distance from each family unit. Please use the entire space of the sanctuary.
The elders will bring the communion elements to the family units and give each person the bread and wine. We will still partake of each together.
We will not have the “passing of the peace” nor will we be passing around the offering bags. An offering tray will be available in the back or you may continue to use our online giving option.
We will not be able to provide a nursery at this time. However, we will have the nursery, the youth room, and the administrative office available for parents to take their child if needed.
If you have a prayer request card simply give it to pastor Larson during our prayer request time.
Presently, we are only returning to our Sunday morning service.

Yours in Christ,