Day 1

Soil and Water

On Monday, we will be examining the soil and learning that it is really alive! We will use soil for our own creations, study water and its properties, and reflect on Psalm 104 which tells us that all of God’s works are GOOD!

Day 2

Seeds and Plants

On Tuesday, we will learn what it takes for a seed to turn into a plant.  We will extract DNA from a strawberry to help us understand how DNA provides that instructions for life, and praise our God who holds all things together.

Day 3

Bugs and Animals

On Wednesday, we will learn birdcalls for several local birds.  We will also learn about our friendly pollinators as well as 5 animals native to our area.  We will consider a good Father who cares for us as well as he cares for the birds of the air. 

Day 4


On Thursday, we will learn about people and how we are amazing creatures of God!  We will talk about being God’s beloved creation and celebrate our loving creator God.  We will taste and smell different fruits and herbs and try to guess what each one is as we enjoy the world God has made!