Day 1

finding food

On Tuesday, we will learn about the first family to journey out into the wilderness in obedience to God.  How did Abraham and Sarai find food and water?  Where did they sleep?  Did they have any friends?  We will explore the world through their eyes as we learn about their journey of faith in God.

Day 2


On Wednesday, we will follow Joseph into Egypt and his many ancestors back out!  We will explore the significance of clothing and even try on some new OLD styles of clothing ourselves!

Day 3

follow the light

On Thursday, we will journey with Jesus as he traveled his homeland teaching and healing people.  We will see that Jesus shows us the way to God.  He is the Light of the World!  We will find out how light was carried through the ancient world and into our times today!

Day 4

Games Night

Join us Friday evening for a free meal on the lawn with outdoor games to follow!